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Just when we thought the previous, on-going review containing 26 submissions was a LEGO Ideas history breaking event, it's been topped, as we close the latest review with a record breaking 35 submissions that have hit 10,000 supporters.

These 35 product ideas have hit the 10,000 supporter milestone between the months of early May 2020 and today's review qualification date, the 7th September 2020. A huge congratulations to all members who've hit this huge milestone, including several members having multiple submissions in this same review...WOW!

Product Ideas hitting 10,000 supporters after today's deadline will be eligible for the next review period instead that starts on the 4th of January, 2021.

We look forward to celebrating our 10K Club members through the 10K Club Interview series, which will kick-off as soon as we've announced the First 2020 review results.

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My latest set: LEGO 10294



Fisherman's House
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Logo RAMT  Brick Designkopie.png

Fisherman’s House


My story


This modular (creator) building is created to fit in a Caribbean or seafront Village.


I really believe that this model can be very interesting for fans of my creations. This is my tenth building that I will be submitting. The old fishing store has been taken in production bij Lego Ideas. 



Fisherman’s House


The Fisherman’s House is on a walking distance from the Lighthouse, where you can get the fresh fish and the cool breezes of  the Sea Front Bay.

The Fisherman’s House brings locals and tourists together, to enjoy the freshest seafood. When you are in the mood for seafood, Bob’s Fresh Fish has got you covered.

Bob also likes to BBQ the Caribbean freshest seafood. Expertly prepared and artfully presented. Of course, fish is the star of the show!

Enjoy and explore the Fisherman’s House, where seafood is at its best!

Minifig: Fisherman Bob, 4x cats, 2x seagull, 1x parrot.

Apartment: bed, cabinet, kitchen, bathroom, and more

Market: cabinets with drawers, fish, crab & lobsters

The building consists of roughly 2407 parts

The Fisherman’s House has a fish market and a lookout, that comes up out of the roof. Downstairs, we have the market and on the first floor Bob’s apartment. The first floor can be reached by a staircase. Bob’s apartment has a nice room with a TV and books for entertainment. The Fisherman’s house comes with lots of accessories.

The building: the walls are light nougat and light agua, the windows white and sand turquoise, the roof color is dark brown.

Outside there is a BBQ area, where the cats like to hangout.

I hope you like this design or the idea of The Fisherman’s House building


Thanks for reading and Brick On everyone !

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This is the Fleischmann H0 - 4891.

I like trains and I used to have one when I was young. So I am going to built this one with the wheels from Big Ben.

De Bouwsteen is de Nederlandse LEGO® club,

Die in 1994 is opgericht door een aantal enthousiaste LEGO®bouwers en verzamelaars. De vereniging heeft circa 700 leden en is op dit moment de grootste Lego-club ter wereld.


Het Bouwblokje is een LEGO® Fan Club, die in 2002 is opgericht. In 2013 ging de vereniging over in stichting Het Bouwblokje. Belangrijkste activiteit is het organiseren van LEGO® evenementen in de breedste zin van het woord. 

LCC de LEGO Collectors Club.

Is een besloten groep, waar er op gewaakt wordt dat positief ingestelde AFOLs hun passie delen voor LEGO

LEGO news

Ukraine 2 PNG.jpg

​LEGO confirms it’s stopped shipping products to Russia

The LEGO Group has confirmed that it’s ‘paused shipments of products to Russia’ in the wake of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.


Following reports that initially emerged through Danish media earlier today, the LEGO Group has now confirmed that it’s halted shipments to its Russian brand stores over the ‘impact of sanctions’ and ‘unpredictable operating environment’ in the country.

“Our thoughts are with all the children and families suffering as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” the LEGO Group said. “Our priority is the safety of all our colleagues. We are in contact with our Ukrainian team and are providing ongoing support to ensure their safety. We are also working to support other colleagues around the world impacted by the escalating crisis, including our team in Russia.

“We have paused shipments of products to Russia given the impact of sanctions and the unpredictable operating environment. We care deeply about the lasting impact on children and together with the LEGO Foundation and Ole Kirk Foundation will donate DKK 110m ($16.5m) to emergency relief efforts, with a focus on providing support for children and families.

“The donation will be made to existing partners, including United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Save the Children, and the Danish Red Cross to address the immediate and future needs of those impacted by this devastating war. This is a volatile and constantly evolving situation which we will monitor closely.”


Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is the ultimate celebration of all things LEGO – bringing fans of the brick an unparalleled look behind the scenes of the company, along with a deep dive into the incredible creativity that the building system allows.

Every month, Blocks covers the latest goings-on from the heart of Billund, Denmark – the home of the LEGO Group. Design experts reveal how they create incredible products that fans all around the world love. We go behind the scenes on all of the latest goings-on – whether it’s a new LEGO movie or the LEGO MASTERS television show, Blocks is the all-access magazine.

The LEGO magazine by fans for fans is also a celebration of the creativity that comes with the LEGO system, presenting beautiful, impressive and ingenious inventions from the most talented fans from around the world. With monthly guides demonstrating how to get the most out of their bricks, fans will learn new techniques to use in their next model.

Go to Hispa Brick

From left to right Damiano from , Lluís Gibert Hispabrick, Robert,  Jetro de Château Hispabrick

Home alone moc.jpg
We together can support Ukraine the profit of the sales we be donated to different organization.
Boat Repair Shop BL-1.png

Boat Repair Shop

Together with the Old Fishing Store and the other designs, the Boat Repair Shop form a charming Sea Front Village.

The dive shop-BL -2-1.png

The Dive Shop

The Dive Shop is located at the center off the village where you can learn scuba or go for some nice experience dives with some amazing certified divers.

Boat House Diner BL sticker - 1_2.png

Boat House Diner

So if you're looking for a nice dinner with lots of sea food in the Sea Front Village you've found the right place. With a French chef, and his trusty waiter

Ukraine 2 PNG.jpg

Boat Repair Shop


The Boat Repair Shop (collectible) is a scaled down version of the original design.


It still has the same building concept with the siding and roof. The dock and workspace can also been used by small boats. The boat ramp includes a boat winch to pull op small boats.

As main colors, tan, olive green and browns are used. And the set has different accessories like tools, chains and different signs to give it a rustic feel.

The Dive Shop


The Dive Shop (collectible) is a scaled down version of the original design. 

Old Fishing Store


The Old Fishing Store (collectible) is a scaled down version of the original design. 

The Collectables
The Collection-1.jpg
logo-game of bricks.png


LEGO Lights is the life of every beautiful space. The ambience it gives to even the shadiest of places is simply second to none. This is why Game of Bricks makes it a point of duty to provide you with the best LEGO Light Kits for LEGO customization. Quality lighting up is our specialty.

Are you a LEGO fan? You can trust us to provide you with the most amazing quality set of lighting. What's more? You get these lighting in secure, and interesting packaging that makes unwrapping each LEGO lighting package a great experience for you. In addition your lighting is secure in our packages.

The Bike Shop
The Bike Shop

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The Bike Shop
The Bike Shop

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The Bike Shop
The Bike Shop

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The Bike Shop
The Bike Shop

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