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I Survived the Saba Landing

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This a exclusive set there are only 20 made and are numberd and signed.


Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

Is the only airport on the island of Saba in the Dutch Caribbean.

It is a dangerous airport because of the occasional high winds and the runway ends

with a high cliff in the sea

With its 400 meters long runway, it is one of the shortest in the world.

The airport can only be used by small aircrafts such as the Twin Otter.

The set consists of 340 parts

The base have 209 parts and the plane 131 parts. The dimensios in inches 5.51”w x 5.51”L x 6.3”H

and weight 10.3 ounces or 291 grams.

The colors for the base are black and redisch brown and the island is made out of dark green bricks. the satnd is clear so the island stays visable. The plane is White, dark blue and dark red.

The set comes in it's own designed box, in the box new bricks, a sticker sheet and instruction book.

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