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These instructions are a guideline to build the boat repair shop.
It is not an easy build, but you can alter the build to your own wishes.
You are free to use or change the tiles as you wish. 

The build starts with the foundation and the workfloor, which drops in the foundation. After this, you build the four elevations that lock together in the corners. Followed by the ring beams and roof support to connect this all together. Continuing on with the dockside, that joins the building and connects with connector pins.
The roofs are constructed by plates and tiles. The tiles can be placed, how you like. The roofs are mounted on hinges. You can also add some plates to the front of the roof, so they're  hanging down on the placed plates.

I hope you have fun building the boat repair shop. This is my first instruction manual. I will be working on some other instructions for buildings of the sea side village.
Brick on!!

kind regards

Boat Repair Shop Instruction PDF

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