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The Dive Shop


The idea


My inspiration for this design comes from the picturesque seafront villages around the world. The buildings are a bit old and rustic looking. Tourists come to take authentic pictures, as the old fishing men go about their business. Together with the Old Fishing Store and the other designs, The Dive Shop form a charming Sea Front Village. 

The Dive Shop is located at the center of the village, where you can learn scuba diving or go for nice experienced dives with some amazing certified divers. The Dive Shop also has a shop for dive equipment. Hang out on the dock, where you can talk to other divers about how amazing the dive was or bump into the old captain.


The Dive Shop is not far from the Old Fishing Store and the Boat House Diner, so if you're hungry you can eat some sea food at the Boat House Diner. It is the right place. Or take a look in the fully packed Old Fishing Store.


The Build

Centrally located in the Sea Front Village, the Dive Shop proudly offers an unparalleled inventory, including the best names in scuba equipment; boundless dive opportunities and a top-of-the-line Repair/Service Tech Center. Our professionally trained staff is knowledgeable and available to help you plan all your equipment purchases and your next adventure.

The Dive Shop has two rooms; one downstairs and one upstairs with cabinets with drawers, dive masks, tanks and snorkeling gear. The first floor can be reached by a staircase. The first floor has room in the hall for the empty tanks for refill. The wharf is included, and you can accessorize it at your own pleasure.


Enjoy and explore the Sea Front Village Dive Shop. Diving at its best!

There are 3 Divers, 1 Store Keeper and a captain.

The building consists of 2334 parts.

The Dive Shop Instructions(PDF)

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